International Marconi Day 2017

International Marconi Day celebrates the huge part Guglielmo Marconi played in the invention of radio. International Marconi Day (IMD) is a 24 hour amateur radio event that is held annually to celebrate the birth of Marconi on 25 April 1874. The event is usually held on the Saturday closest to Marconi’s birthday and in 2017 it will be held on 22nd April. The period of operation is from 0000 UTC (GMT) to 2359 UTC (GMT). The purpose of the day is for amateur radio enthusiasts around the world to make contact with historic Marconi sites using communication techniques similar to those used by Marconi himself. A list of confirmed stations can be found at the following link:

Stations which have QSOs with 15 or more official sites may claim an award. Details of the award can be seen at the following link:


Peter /M0URL

ROARS Net fallback frequency

ROARS Weekly Net Fall-back Frequency
Due to the continuing unfavourable propagation conditions on 3538 Khz which has prevented the running of the weekly ROARS Net for the past 3 weeks we would like to propose the following fall-back procedure.
The weekly Thursday Net will commence with a CQ call by MX0ROA as usual on 3538 Khz at 1930 hours Local Time. If conditions are too bad to run the net on this frequency we will try again on 1827 Khz +/- depending on QRM.
Therefore if you cannot hear MX0ROA on the primary frequency of 3538Khz please retune to 1827 Khz.
This procedure will continue until such time as conditions improve on 80Metres.
Many Thanks!
Mike/ M6MPC
Peter M0URL

New ROARS Sked on Tuesdays


We would like to propose the following new sked to encourage more members to go on the air for a leisurely CW chat as we used to do during a slack watch at sea. This will provide an on air meeting place and time to connect with colleagues/ friends which we don’t have at the moment.

Please note that this is not a Net and there will be no Net Controller. However for the first few weeks there will be a couple of us waiting in the wings to help things along. As a matter of courtesy, QSOs should proceed at the speed of the slower operator. Once a QSO is established please QSY Up or down to make room for others to make a call.


WHEN    Commencing Tuesday Sept. 6th and weekly thereafter from 1000 – 1100 Local time.

Call Freqs:             3538 KHz and 7017 KHz.

Call format:          CQ ROA DE MYCALL.

Exchange:             RST + Op Name + (optional) Membership Number. + QSY +/- KHz.

Call Speed:           What you are comfortable with. (Speed of slower Operator)

Topics:                    Your choice of Topic.

Duration:              As long as you like.

According to the latest membership list there are 245 members with Amateur Licences. Of these 222 have GB and EI call signs. While some of you may no longer be active we are sure there must be more than the 10 or so that join the weekly net. So Lads roll up your sleeves, dust down those keys and light up the airwaves with your CW QSOs!

We look forward to hearing you on the air.




Net report for 25th May by Mike Carter

On tonight’s Net were the following :-

G4KJD       Ian fm Ashill somerset

G4LFU      Tony fm Penrith

M0URL     Peter fm Yatelely Hants

G0ELZ     Bill fm Liverpool

MI0RPT   Richard fm nr Newtownards N.I.

G0CHV   Mike fm Morecambe

2E0CPF  Clive Evans (Just listening in)

Sent QTC fm Union Mag “Telegraph”
Tintwistle WX    (high of 29c)
TR GKR GKR GCHM GCHM British Voyager QTO Brent Field bnd Lerwick +
4 Questions

Q1 – Ref. lifeboats : Did anyone suffer from a sinking of lifeboat on test due to bungs not being replaced when putting in fresh water etc. by the mates?
Q2 – If so, where was this and did anyone get a telling off by the Old Man?
Q3 – What volcano blew itself out of the sea in Indonesia years ago?                     (Krakatoa)
Q4 – The Welland Canal bypasses Niagra Falls. How many locks between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario? (8)
Sent some funny P/L.

Not a bad turnout really, considering the weather and holiday time.
Everyone got Krakatoa, no one new the number of locks on the Welland Canal.
No one had the experience of a sinking lifeboat either.


Net report for 18th May from Mike Carter

Quite a good turnout tonight, 9 start with with, and 1 dropped out due conditions – Brian/Gm0GCO Glasgow.


On tonight’s Net were the following :-


G4KJD       Ian fm Ashill Somerset


G3ZRJ      Tony fm Pennymoor/Tiverton


G0CHV    Mike fm Morecambe


GW3VVL Ken fm Crew Green Wales


M0URL    Peter fm Yately Hants


G4LFU    Tony fm Penrith


G0ELZ    Bill fm Liverpool


GM0GCO  Brian fm Glasgow       Conditions bad to the North so no QSO with Brian.


MI0RPT  Richard fm nr Newtownards N.I.


Sent QTC fm Union Mag “Telegraph”
Tintwistle WX
TR PJC PJC GBTT GBTT Queen Elizabeth2 QTO Yrs bnd St Croix QSX GKA and local MF +
4 Questions :-
Q1 – Did anyone have a person overboard incident during your sea career?
Q2 – If so, which sea or area was this?
Q3 – During long trips sea wise, how many lads had an albatross following their ship for days and which ocean?
Q4 – KPH and WCC are now martime radio museums and amateur radio clubs. What happened to

Portisheadradio buildings?


Very interesting Net tonight and several instances of personnel being washed overboard with loss of life.
Ken GW3VVL was washed overboard with trawl net and and immediately washed back on board!! How
lucky is that!!
All got that Portishead was knocked down in the name of Profit for the Post Office with not a thought to
our Maritime Radio Heritage like other counties. Money, money, money. Typical UK.
I thought a good Net all round tonight, and extremely interesting.


Net report for 11th May from Mike Carter

On tonight’s Net were the following :-

G4KJD        Ian fm Ashill Somerset

G0ELZ        Bill fm Liverpool

G3ZRJ        Tony fm Pennymoor/Tiverton

G3OGP       Robin

M0URL       Peter fm Yateley Hants

GW3VVL    Ken fm Crew Green Wales

G4LFU       Tony fm Penrith

MI0RPT     Richard fm nr Newtownards N.I.

G4NCZ     John fm Manchester

GM0GCO  Brian fm Glasgow

No Irish lads on tonight, and certainly, didn’t hear them call in.

Sent QTC fm Union Mag “Telegraph”
Sent Tintwistle WX  (high of 22c up noorf)
Sent TR GKT GKT MYGC MYGC ss Axina QTO Illigan City Philippines bnd Singapore
QSX GKA and local MF +
5 Questions :-
Q1 – What is the Mafor code?             ( Marine Weather code )
Q2 – What was the collective callsign for British Press on passenger ships?       (GTZZ)
Q3 – If you were weather routed across the Atlantic, how often did you send OBS reports?
        (every 6 hours normally, but stormy conditions, every 3 hours)
Q4 – Which stations transmitted ice reports for western Atlantic?
        (This could vary but think it was CFH/VCS Halifax, St John’s Newfoundland/VON, and poss

          Boston or maybe Norfolk Virginia, but not that sure)

Q5 – How many Atlantic Ocean weather ships were there?     (Originally 6, then down to 4,

        which were all ex RN Converted Frigates)

        Sent some funny P/L


Good turnout tonight with 10 calling in. Managed to get Brian in Glasgow which was a change!

Some very good answers from the lads, but some didn’t know that area. I forgot to mention to the lads that whilst on a small Shell tanker, I passed right beside 4YE wx ship somewhere near

or to the west of the Azores. Their whole ship’s company came out on deck to wave at us!! The sea was a millpond then, not a ripple!


Net report for 4th May from Mike Carter

A little less on tonight’s Net, but fine all the same.

On tonight’s Net were the following :-


G4JKD         Ian fm Ashill Somerset


G0ELZ         Bill fm Liverpool


G3ZRJ        Tony fm Pennymoor/Tiverton


G4LFU        Tony fm Penrith


EI5CA         Tom fm Shannon  (very weak signal)


Sent QTC fm Union Mag “Telegraph”
Tintwistle WX
TR  GLD GLD GCHM GCHM British Voyager QTO Channel bnd St Nazire QSX GKA lists and French MF +
4 Questions :-
Q1 – Did any lad have any receiving antenna static discharges that blew his RX?
Q2 – If so, what blew  and could you repair it or have dead RX?
Q3 – The river Nile flows out to sea at what port?         (Alexandria)
Q4 – Did any lad have major steering problems or breakdowns?

Sent some funny P/L


Some very interesting answers. Most lads suffered breakdowns of some sorts, and all got Alexandria.

Net report for 27th April from Mike Carter

Great turnout tonight with 13 calling in but 2 departed when qry came up.

On tonight’s Net were the following :-


G3ZRJ           Tony fm Pennymoor/Tiverton


G4KJD           Ian fm Ashill Somerset


G0CHV         Mike fm Morecam


M0URL         Peter fm Yateley Hants


G3PLE          David fm Helston Cornwall


G4LFU/P      Tony working portable fm Borrowdale Lake district


G0ELZ          Bill fm Liverpool


G3OGP        Robin fm Billinghurst


GW3VVL     Ken fm Crew Green Wales


MI0RPT       Richard fm nr Newtownards N.I.


G4NCZ        John fm Manchester


GM0GCO     Brian fm Glasgow      (had dropped out when qry came up)


EI7GW         Clare fm Crosshaven nr Cork  (had dropped out when qry came up)


Sent QTC fm Union Mag “Telegraph”

Tintwistle WX

TR ZSD ZSD GHQC GHQC  mv Gorjistan QTO yrs bound UK QSX GKA Lists and local MF +


4 Questions :-


Q1 – When in the tropics, was any lad fortunate enough to have flying fish for dinner, previously collected fresh off deck?

Q2 – Can anyone remember sailing on a ship where the radio room key was not screwed down on the right side of the R/O?

Q3 – Anyone had the experience of transmitting , unaware a crew member was painting near the TX insulators?

Q4 – What coast station was JOS?             (Nagasakiradio)

Sent some funny P/L


Had some great answers tonight but no one, except myself, had eaten flying fish, unless I got it wrong!

Very tasty fish by the way.

3 knew Nagasaki, some thought Yokohama, but memories are fading, sadly.

All in all, a very pleasing Net which lasted 50 minutes for a change.