ROARS Net fallback frequency

ROARS Weekly Net Fall-back Frequency
Due to the continuing unfavourable propagation conditions on 3538 Khz which has prevented the running of the weekly ROARS Net for the past 3 weeks we would like to propose the following fall-back procedure.
The weekly Thursday Net will commence with a CQ call by MX0ROA as usual on 3538 Khz at 1930 hours Local Time. If conditions are too bad to run the net on this frequency we will try again on 1827 Khz +/- depending on QRM.
Therefore if you cannot hear MX0ROA on the primary frequency of 3538Khz please retune to 1827 Khz.
This procedure will continue until such time as conditions improve on 80Metres.
Many Thanks!
Mike/ M6MPC
Peter M0URL

New ROARS Sked on Tuesdays


We would like to propose the following new sked to encourage more members to go on the air for a leisurely CW chat as we used to do during a slack watch at sea. This will provide an on air meeting place and time to connect with colleagues/ friends which we don’t have at the moment.

Please note that this is not a Net and there will be no Net Controller. However for the first few weeks there will be a couple of us waiting in the wings to help things along. As a matter of courtesy, QSOs should proceed at the speed of the slower operator. Once a QSO is established please QSY Up or down to make room for others to make a call.


WHEN    Commencing Tuesday Sept. 6th and weekly thereafter from 1000 – 1100 Local time.

Call Freqs:             3538 KHz and 7017 KHz.

Call format:          CQ ROA DE MYCALL.

Exchange:             RST + Op Name + (optional) Membership Number. + QSY +/- KHz.

Call Speed:           What you are comfortable with. (Speed of slower Operator)

Topics:                    Your choice of Topic.

Duration:              As long as you like.

According to the latest membership list there are 245 members with Amateur Licences. Of these 222 have GB and EI call signs. While some of you may no longer be active we are sure there must be more than the 10 or so that join the weekly net. So Lads roll up your sleeves, dust down those keys and light up the airwaves with your CW QSOs!

We look forward to hearing you on the air.




Net report for Thursday 7 September from Mike Carter

Good turnout on the Net tonight but receiving conditions my end were terrible. Lot of deep QSB were other lads were getting me QSA5 no bother.
On tonight’s Net were the following :-
G4KJD        Ian fm Ashill somerset
G3ZRJ       Tony fm Pennymoor/Tiverton
G4LFU       Tony fm Penrith
G0CHV      Mike fm Morecambe
M0URL     Peter fm Yateley Hants
G0ELZ     Bill fm Liverpool
G4NCZ    John fm Manchester
2E0CPF   Clive fm Sale Cheshire
Sent QTC for Clive re signal reports
Sent QTC fm Union Mag “Telegraph”
TR OSA OSA GZHH GZHH Esso Humber QTO yrs bnd Aalborg Denmark QSX GKA lists and local MF +
4 Questions :-
Q1 – ReferenceR/o’s accomodation. How far was your cabin from the radio room?
Q2 -Were they on different decks, and how long to get to your TX in an emergency?
Q3 – Was the radio room air conditioned or not?
Q4 – What was Rangoonradio’s callsign?            (XYR)
Some very interesting answers when I could hear them through the hash!
Had a lot of internal QRM from the old dears I look after. Forgot I was on the air
and kept letting the front room TV drown me out. (Door left open)!! They are both deaf!!
The general average tonight was the R/o’s cabin 1 deck down from the radio room.
Times to get to the TX varied, I have done it in 20 seconds, but close to Radio room
obviously helps.
Reference air conditioned radio rooms, that could be 50 – 50, less A/C on older ships.
Rangoonradio was XYR and both Peter and John got it.
I had previously extended my Long Wire antenna to 250 feet, so think my output has gone up, but a shame about reception here tonight.

Net report for Thursday 31st August from Mike Carter

Good turnout tonight with very good signal strengths all round.
On tonight’s Net were the following :-
G4KJD         Ian fm Ashill Somerset
G3ZRJ         Tony fm Pennymoor/Tiverton
M0URL        Peter fm Yateley Hants
G3YQD       Dave fm Sale Cheshire
G3OGP      Robin fm Billingshurst
G0ELZ       Bill fm Liverpool
MI0RPT     Richard fm nr Newtownards N.I.
2E0CPF    Clive fm Sale Cheshire
Sent QTC fm Union Mag “Telegraph”
Tintwistle WX (high of 21c)
TR 9PA 9PA MYCK MYCK ms Amastra QTO Pointe Noire bnd Douala
Cameroon QSX GKA Lists and local MF
 4 Questions :-
Q1 – When up rivers in West Africa, did any lad have bother with huge flying
beetles that banged into deck lights at night?
Q2 – Where was this and how much debris was found on the deck the morning after?
Q3 – Did any lad dare go swimming like the natives in those waters next to his ship?
Q4 – What is the port for Accra in Ghana?              (Tema)
Quite a few lads never made it to West Africa so those questions irrelevant. Pity
they didn’t make it there. Robin got Tema. No one went swimming up rivers!!
No one had the beetle problem that our tanker had, it was horrendous!

Net report for Thursday 24th August

Conditions were pretty good tonight but not as good as last week. on the Net were the following :-

G3PLE Duke fm Helston

G3ZRJ Tony fm Pennymoor/Tiverton

G0ELZ Bill fm Liverpool

G4LFU Tony fm Penrith

G0CHU Mike fm Morecambe

MI0RPT Richard fm nr Newtownards N.I.

Sent QTC fm Union Mag “Telegraph”
Tintwistle WX
TR 9VG 9VG MYGC MYGC ss Axina QTO yrs bnd Illigan City Philippines QSX GKA Lists and local MF +
5 Questions :-
Q1 – On steam ships, top of the engineroom rails, anyone get burnt fingers trying to dry their dhobi in the hotest place?
Q2 – Did any lad hear of any incident of HP steam leaking in the engineroom with dangerous results?
Q3 – What was the vibration level like in your cabin compared with a motor ship?
Q4 – What differences were apparent between a steamship and a motorship apart from double the bunkers used?
Q5 – What is the new name for Saigon? (HoChiMinh City)

Q1 and Q2 had no answers so presume no incidents etc.
Q3 and Q4 Definitely more vibration on motorships especially when in ballast (light ship). Steam ships seemed to give a more pleasant almost
vibration free ride compared with motorships.

Some good answers tonight. Tony G3ZRJ got HoChiMinh City so did Mike/G0CHV.
It’s nice to know a lot of the lads can remember differences between Steamships and motor ships after all this time, so the memory banks
are still there waiting to be tapped!!

Net report for Thursday 17th August from Mike Carter

Very good conditions tonight, so most signal strengths were QSA5.
On tonight’s Net were the following :-
G4KJD       Ian fm Ashill Somerset
G3ZRJ       Tony fm Pennymoor/Tiverton
G0ELZ       Bill fm Liverpool
M0URL      Peter fm Yateley Hants
G3OGP     Robin fm Billingshurst
G4UST      Andy fm nr Shrewsbury
G4LFU      Tony fm Penrith
MI0RPT     Richard fm nr Newtownards N.I.
Sent QTC fm Union Mag “Telegraph”
Tintwistle WX (High of 24C ont Pennines!)
TR VPS VPS GBSS GBSS ss Queen Eleizabeth QTP yrs QSX GKA Lists +
5 Questions :-
Q1 – Which seaport is South Africa’s largest and harbour being relocated to take larger tonnage?                                                                    (Durban)
Q2 – Lourenco Marques and Beira were in what country?   (Mozambique)
Q3 – The Comoros or Comores Islands lie between the African coast and
what island?                                                                          (Madagascar)
Q4 – What was the callsign (area scheme) of Mauritiusradio?   (GXO)                                                             
Q5 – To QTP Tristan da Cunha, what port did you QTO?     (Capetown)
Sent some funny P/L
Quite a few got the first 3 questions, no one got GXO but Robin got Capetown.
I got their Geography memory going tonight!!