All 2021 ROA reunions are postponed

For reasons I am sure you all understand I have had to take the decision to postpone both the reunions we had planned for 2021.  The April reunion and AGM is now postponed for the third time.  We very much hope that some form of normality will return to allow us to meet in Liverpool in April 2022.  The negotiations with the hotel over this issue have not yet commenced.

The September 2021 reunion in Hamburg is also postponed.  In co operation with our German colleagues at SFK we hope to hold this in September 2022.

It is possible if the Covid situation in the UK comes under control, and all particpants are vaccinated, we may organise a short notice mid term reunion somewhere in the UK but this is by no means certain.   If we do so it will probably be somewhere we have visited before to save administration and leg work.

Fuller details of all reunions will be published in slower time in QSO.

Tony Selman, Chairman

29 January 2021