Mid Term Meeting in Dun Laoghaire November 2014

First report on the event

This is a quick report being typed up on the Monday after the event.  Well, what a success.  We broke all attendance records when 64 (repeat 64) of us sat down to dinner at the National Yacht Club in Dun Laoghaire. I have never received so many complimentary emails for any event the ROA has organised and most of us got home less than 24 hours ago.  The weekend was admirably organised by Vice Chairman Colman Shaughnessy with very valuable input from Tom Frawley and Joe Varley.  A fuller report will appear when I have got more time and I am very hopeful we will have photos and a video in the not too distant future.

Tony Selman.  24 November 2014.

Update 11 October 2014

As of the above date this is looking like it is going to be a very popular event.  There are 26 attendees flying over from the UK side of the Irish Sea alone and we have not really started counting the local Irish attendees yet as Colman is operating a slightly different system to me.  Total numbers are well into the 40’s now and we have still not finished counting Irish attendees.  I can easily see that we will get up to reunion standards with 50 attendees.  Please consider attending.   The more the merrier.

Tony Selman

As many of you know we piloted a mid term meeting in Bristol in January and despite the fact that it was not technically mid term we had 13 attendees and was regarded as a success. We have now decided to make this an annual event that will take place roughly half way between main reunions. To honour all the work done by Vice Chairman Colman Shaughnessy in recruiting so many new Irish members over recent years we will be hosting the event in Dun Laoghaire from Friday 21 November to Sunday 23 November. 

Colman as usual has worked his nuts off and has been aided and abetted by Tom and a local Irish colleague and they have come up with the following. His excellent work to date is shown below. For those flying in to Dublin there is an hourly bus to the hotel front door or if several arrive at the same time I suppose a taxi is an option. It is a fair haul to DL so that might be a bit expensive.

After discussion between Colman and I we have chosen two hotels in DL. The Royal Marine looks excellent but is a bit more expensive that we usually choose, but not that much. Allowing that this hotel might be a bit expensive for some members we have also chosen a nearby 3 star hotel that is considerably cheaper and I am told by Colman is pretty good. Rosemary and I will stay at the Royal Marine and can I suggest that members book direct with your chosen hotel but will you please let Colman and I know by email what (a) your travel arrangements are and (b) which hotel you will stay in. This will allow us, but Colman in particular, to keep track of what is going on.

We will keep everyone updated as time goers on and full details will be in September QSO. Please let Colman or I know if you have any queries.

Friday 21st November 2014: Members and guests will arrive Dun Laoghaire where there are many Pubs with a healthy night life- music etc.

Saturday 22nd November 2014: Using DART/LUAS/ -Day Trip ticket to Dublin Central. Visit * Guinness or* Jameson ( lunch) – Collins Barrack Museum – Time to shop.

Dinner at 1900 hours at the National Yacht Club ( Ticket €35/Guest).

Note: Later I will have some idea of the day ticket cost on transport and prices for lunch/visit. Refer to Google for Guinness or Jameson visits.

Saturday evening at 1900 hours: assembly at National Yacht Club – only a short walk from both hotels. A good location with good food and with a bar. I will request payment for dinner tickets in October but if you could RSVP sooner I would like to get some idea of numbers and would appreciate your response. I will further make a list of those wishing to go to Dublin City on the Saturday.

Sunday 23rd November 2014 at 1000 hours: Visit to National Maritime Museum. (located less than 5 minutes from hotels.

I do hope we can encourage members and guests to attend and to make the event an enjoyable reunion of Radio Officers.

Royal Marine Hotel: Dezirae Stephen email: [email protected] Code: Radio Officers Association. €109 per Single Room per Night including full Irish Breakfast. €119 per double room per night including full Irish breakfast/.

Kingston Hotel: Sinead. Email: [email protected] Code: Radio Officers Association. Single room €59.00 per room per night B & B. Double room €75.00 per room per night B&B.

National Yacht Club. ( Louise Fry email: [email protected] ) Dinner: €35 per person (Sample menu attached). Wine & Bar Facility (settled on personal basis).

The 2015 mid term meeting will be held in Glasgow but we have plenty of time to work on the details of that one.

Tony Selman

22 June 2014

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  1. I am interested in getting Ticket for the Saturday Night Dinner in the National Yacht Club
    in Dun Laoghaire
    Who do I contact about getting a Ticket ?
    Gerard Kelly (760)

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