A request for help

18 Apr

We have been contacted by Dr. Jo Stanley requesting information from our members about female Radio Officers. Jo asks ” I’m writing an educational book about women’s history at sea, which includes a chapter on R/Os. Already I’ve put together something … Read More »

Maritime DVD’s

14 Jul

I have recently become friendly with Joe Clark who is a former Orient Line Purser.  Joe left the sea and went into banking but retained his love of the sea and once he retired he turned his hand to producing … Read More »

The Best of QSO

21 Mar

Those of you that attended the AGM last year know that the Committee agreed to undertake the task of seeing if a book that was generically titled “The Best of QSO” could realistically be created.  There have been many excellent … Read More »


16 Feb

Before the website went live there was a spirited debate between, shall we say, the older members of the ROA and the young upstarts as to what was the correct braid that a smart R/O should be seen in.  Your … Read More »