16 May

The ROARS group has recently updated their pages on this site.  A lot of dated material has been archived and their mission is now displayed prominently.  New information has been posted showing clearly how RO’s can contribute to and help … Read More »

The Best of QSO

21 Mar

Those of you that attended the AGM last year know that the Committee agreed to undertake the task of seeing if a book that was generically titled “The Best of QSO” could realistically be created.  There have been many excellent … Read More »


16 Feb

Before the website went live there was a spirited debate between, shall we say, the older members of the ROA and the young upstarts as to what was the correct braid that a smart R/O should be seen in.  Your … Read More »

Telegraph Obituary

7 Feb

Quote from Daily Telegraph 7th January in obituary about actor Frederick Treves:- “After the Nautical College, Pangbourne, Freddie joined the Merchant Navy at the age of 17. While serving in a convoy seeking to relieve Malta, he was one of … Read More »

The ROA Forum

27 Oct

Welcome to the forum area. This is an introductory post which embeds an audio file for the Forums area and serves as an introduction to the forums area. It should not be deleted![Audio clip: view full post to listen]