CW on the BBC

14 Jan

Howard, WB2UZE, of the Long Island CW Club (LICW) was interviewed for a BBC radio program about the clubs efforts to teach CW to new operators and keep the craft alive. A Scottish operator was able to capture the broadcast … Read More »

QSO March

8 Mar

Another great issue.But one comment re: Tom Merrill’s article “I see no Ships”.Tom mentions the War Office having a tx/rx station located at Boddington outside Chelmsford. Can’t find that, however, not too far from me is an MoD site in … Read More »


5 Jan

Just joined the ROA after many years of procrastination….. I run the Portishead Radio/GKA website at which is proving popular – there are still some pages under construction but these will be populated as and when time permits. Plenty … Read More »

Palm Line

14 Aug

Spotted something recently on a book about Palm Line.I did a trip down West Africa on Makeni Palm in ’ R/O Skipper was Hughie Bunker and I believe Steward was a chap called Bryce. Anyone help with the book title … Read More »

Merchant Navy Medal

16 Nov

I have Been Nominated to receive the MERCHANT NAVY MEDAL 2015. The citation is on website goto other notices check 21st October 2015. I consider this represents ROA/MRWS efforts during the Lusitania Event May/2015.and ongoing work onboard the Planet … Read More »

QSL Cards

27 Apr

During the recent AGM a collection of QSL cards received by the ROA station, M0ROA, was on display, and many attendees enjoyed viewing them.  Some of these have beautiful or ingenious photographs on the back. In order to share these with … Read More »

Ships Callsigns

21 Jan

Hi Everyone Despite my best efforts I have been unable to locate the call signs of the following British vessels I served on as RO. I would be delighted if anyone can help find/supply  them. Many thanks in advance! Shell … Read More »

German ROA

23 Sep

As the holder of the ROA callsign M0ROA I occasionally have a CW QSO with Rolf Marschener/DL9CM, a leading light in the German ROA and a principle organiser of MRD (Marine Radio Day). We were chatting on the key today … Read More »

A request for help

18 Apr

We have been contacted by Dr. Jo Stanley requesting information from our members about female Radio Officers. Jo asks ” I’m writing an educational book about women’s history at sea, which includes a chapter on R/Os. Already I’ve put together something … Read More »