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Marconi Recruitment Brochure

Whilst having a bit of a tidy up in my study I came across this Marconi recruiting brochure, which I had completely forgotten about. Someone in the ROA must have given it to me in the past but I have forgotten whom. I did not work for Marconi and have never seen this brochure before. It seems to be targeted at school leavers rather than people who are already at Radio College, hence the school cap. I am going to post another five photos from the brochure. It does not give a printing date but looking at the kit and the style of clothes people were wearing I would guess mid 50’s. A Marconi expert might pin it down closer.

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  1. I don’t think it was a Marconi recruitment brochure as page 4 was Siemens/AEI gear and Marconi didn’t take over the Marine side until 1965.

    Here is the Marconi Brochure I received in 1959

    Picture shown below in Gallery as proving difficult to attach to this comment.

    • Robin, I have the brochure beside me as I scanned it in originally. It does not refer to Marconi on the front but it does do so in rather small print on the back cover. Inside the back cover under the heading of “Enquiries” the addresses of Mimco and also Siemens in Woolwich are given. The small print on the back cover says the brochure was produced and published by Marconi but obviously Siemens must have had some input to make it a joint effort. On reading closely I now find it was designed in 1952 and presumably published not long afterwards.

  2. I was thinking about this brochure just recently and surprised to see it here.
    When leaving school in 1956 one was loaned to me by the careers officer – I took it home for the weekend and was committed ( Hm !! ) Went to Southampton University for the PMG course which shortly after I started moved to the Technical College. Joined Marconi on completion and sailed with them until coming ashore in 1961.

    Les Styles M0BUI

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