photoplot modified

Jim Loughlin inside a Kelvin Hughes photoplot radar. Anyone unfortunate enough to have sailed with one of these beasts will fully understand the “what have I done to deserve this” bemused look on Jim’s face.

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  1. When I first joined Kelvin Hughes in 1972 I was sent on a course for one of those things. The school was situated right on the end of Southend Pier, above the main building that was there at that time. Quite a good site for a radar school giving an excellent view of the Thames Estuary.
    I must admit at the time it was a truly strange beast, a strange combination of electronic and photographic technology. Despite the course (I think last a couple of weeks or so) I never actually sailed with one. A couple of weeks later I joined the VLCC Hudson Friendship for Kelvin Hughes and sailed with a Norcontrol early ACAS radar which used a computer to plot (programmed with punched tape !) I never saw a Photoplot again !!

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