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Jim Loughlin inside a Kelvin Hughes photoplot radar. Anyone unfortunate enough to have sailed with one of these beasts will fully understand the “what have I done to deserve this” bemused look on Jim’s face.

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  1. I always referred to it as the Photo Flop. I sailed with it once and the first time I saw it was when I joined the Esso Mersey for a short spell. It was in bits surrounded by shoreside technicians.
    It never worked properly and KH seemed to be on board every time we were QTP Milford Haven, Thamesport, Belfast etc
    I didn’t enjoy that trip and longed to be blue and warm water sailing rather than around the UK.


    Tim Strickland


  2. When I first joined Kelvin Hughes in 1972 I was sent on a course for one of those things. The school was situated right on the end of Southend Pier, above the main building that was there at that time. Quite a good site for a radar school giving an excellent view of the Thames Estuary.
    I must admit at the time it was a truly strange beast, a strange combination of electronic and photographic technology. Despite the course (I think last a couple of weeks or so) I never actually sailed with one. A couple of weeks later I joined the VLCC Hudson Friendship for Kelvin Hughes and sailed with a Norcontrol early ACAS radar which used a computer to plot (programmed with punched tape !) I never saw a Photoplot again !!

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