Glyn Smith Article 001

Article written by P&O Radio Superintendent Glyn Smith for the “Tanker Directory of the World” in 1963. Glyn was very well respected and liked both within P&O and also the wider radio community. Derek regarded him as his mentor when he came ashore. Although the reproduction of this article is not great (scan of a photo copy) it has been posted because it was very forward thinking for it’s time. Glyn was sent to Japan to supervise the building of the four Ard class VLCC’s at Chiba in Japan. Tony Selman stood by the final 6 weeks fitting out of Ardvar, the final ship in the class. He was made very welcome by the extremely professional Glyn who hosted him well and insisted on introducing him to Glyn’s new love, the Yomiuri Giants baseball team. The standard of radio and electronics fit on the Ards was very high due in large part to Glyn’s presence. He died, too young, of cancer in 1989/90.

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