Ottawa_011 modified

P&O /Trident Tankers Ottawa/GNDU. A rather grubby boiler suit so Derek has obviously been hard at work. Derek advises the Radio Office was just aft of the wheelhouse, but it was quite a large room and in common with all Trident Tankers (i.e. P&O) at the time, had quite a large workshop just off the radio office itself. The photo was taken from the entrance to the workshop. Ottawa was one of four ‘O’ class ships, but was totally different from Orissa, Orama and Opawa with it being the only steamer. Used to shake itself (and all equipment) to pieces when running at full speed – and she could reach 19 or 20 kts flat out, albeit for a short time before we came to a grinding halt! Naturally the vibs caused loads of problems all over the ship.

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