RR Cirolana 2 modified

Radio Room: Cirolana/GNAM. A quote from Ross: “Cirolana was a fishery research vessel, she was built in 1970 by Ferguson Brothers in Port Glasgow, was 1,731 gross tons, and was 237 foot long and 36 feet broad in the beam. She would carry thirty crew and ten scientists. Unlike all the other ships I have been on, she was diesel-electric powered. I was astounded to find the vessel was very well fitted out; there was as much radio gear on the bridge as in the radio room, and there were things I had only heard of – such as satellite navigation. I had never seen this so far at sea, yet on this little fishing vessel there was the lot! My main transmitter was the Crusader with 1,000 watts output, a lot more than some deep sea ships had. I did not see any problems making contacts around the coast with that power.

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