Naess Scotsman

Denholm Group tanker Naess Scotsman/GMOF. This was Joe Duffy’s last ship in 1966. The vessel was subsequently sold to the RFA and re-named Ennerdale and used as a fleet tanker. She hit an uncharted pinncale of rock off Mahe, Seychelles, on 1st June 1970 and was subsequently sunk. This vessel has memories for Tony Selman who scuba dived twice on the wreck in 1995. She rests in about 30/35 metres of water and due to the depth you can only spend about 20/25 minutes on the wreck but the dive round the accommodation block was wonderful with some great sea life. I also dived the length of the ship and round the bows and whilst that was good it was not as interesting as the accommodation because so many fish, rays, moray eels and octopus had made that their home. It is regarded as one of the best wreck dives in the world.

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