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27 Oct

Old RO EpauletteETO EpauletteWelcome to the forum area. This is an introductory post which embeds an audio file for the Forums area and serves as an introduction to the forums area.

It should not be deleted![audio:|titles=Forum Page Morse Audio|autostart=yes]

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  1. Hi everyone.Newbee to ROA, enjoying it all. Will try and dig out some pics and stuff.
    Started with Marconi in July ’66, first ship was Strick & Ellerman’s, “Nigaristan” (junior R/O). Milwall docks London to the Gulf, we got back to Liverpool on Dec 24th.Still made it home to Ireland for Christmas. My chief there was a nice guy called Ernie Marks.Anyone know anything about him?
    Gerry Grimes


    Further to the successful visit by “Old and Bold” Radio students some time ago and advised by Inverclyde Council at that time, the Building is now covered with scaffolding as the exterior of the Buiilding with the “Hanging Garden” of vegetation being cleaned and the stonework repointed and sandblasted as it is being modernised and brought into the 21st Century to be used as headquarters of the local Education Department.

    The statue of James Watt was cleaned and updated last year and is currently enclosed in protective material ready to be unveiled when the work is completed.

  3. WEBMASTER. Superb effort . Am a bit overwhelmed and will need more time to absorb but it looks excellent, Please link with Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society(CARS) which has several ROA Members and has much detail about ROA, MIMC,Marconi exhibition items……..etc. I am an ROA ‘link man’ to Chelmsford Industrial and Science Museum (curator Dr. Geoff Bowles) see “Sandford Mill” section which is most relevant. I also run the ROA net 3538/7017 on Thursday evenings at 1930L. Also keep in touch with Ian Channing who is local.
    Charles Shelton/Nr.090 G0GJS

  4. Just received my brand new ROA website e-mail and its looking good, very good.!!
    Looks like I’m going to have to upgrade my “old windows xp” for a new super 7 version.
    Happy New Year to all you guys who put in so much work to create this 2012 version,
    also to all members who are just now logging on for the 1st time
    ” hae a wee goldie tae night tae celebrate” !!. Cheers, GDZK.

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