AGM and reunion April 2020 in Liverpool is Postponed: New date Monday 16th to Wednesday 18th November 2020.

In extraordinary times we have to make extraordinary decisions and I very much regret to inform you that I have decided to postpone the planned April reunion Liverpool.  The ROA committee and I have discussed the matter and we are all in agreement that the correct decision is not to proceed.
I am sure you are all aware of the reasons but for the sake of clarity our thinking behind this is that under UK government advice all persons over 70 are considered to be a “vulnerable group” plus there is a strong move to discourage large groups, plus over 70’s may be required to self isolate for four months.  The latter comments are not yet UK Governmental requirements but are likely to soon become so.  Under these circumstances it is my feeling that we cannot expose members, the vast majority of whom are over 70, to any potential risk even if the foregoing has not become an actual Government edict.
We are currently in discussion with the hotel (20 March 2020)  about a new date in November.  The hotel is being very co-operative in this matter and we will not lose our deposit.  I will advise the new date as soon as it is know. The committee is in agreement that a postponement rather than a cancellation is the correction option at this time. We are required under the ROA constitution to hold an annual general meeting and if as currently planned we postpone until November we will meet this requirement.  However, if the virus situation still exists I feel sure the membership will understand the reasons for not holding the 2020 AGM.  Under this proposal the planned Hamburg mid term reunion will be postponed until the autumn of 2021.  

All members who have indicated they will be attending have been contacted.
We have no idea how long this virus situation will last but it is to be hoped that normality has returned by November.  With great co-operation from the hotel we have agreed a new date of Monday 16th to Wednesday 18th November 2020.  In effect nothing changes other than the dates, but members will be advised via QSO in due course.

I am sure you understand that such a decision as this cannot be taken lightly but I am sure you all agree it is the only common sense decision that we can make, albeit very reluctantly.  I am sure we are all equally disappointed that we cannot meet up in April but am equally sure you will all enjoy the reunion when we actually do meet again.
Tony Selman