Anyone fancy a visit to Germany?

Dave Ellis has recently had a QSO with the Chairman of the German equivalent of the ROA.  They have just had their AGM and this started both of us thinking in whether there was any mileage in establishing closer links between the two organisations.  This year was their 60th anniversary so they started a long time before us!  In theory a joint AGM might be possible but I think there are a large number of hurdles to be overcome before we get to this stage.  For those of you that are not aware we have faced several problems in the past as we have attempted to move our own AGM to different geographical regions of our own country, let alone to another country.

As an initial thought can those that might be interested in perhaps attending the German AGM, presuming that they would invite us, please post on here and/or email me.  We are taking this ‘test the water’ step before even raising the subject with our German colleagues because there is no point in requesting to go and then only three of us turn up.  I am not sure geographically where their AGM takes place but it is a reasonable bet it will be in the North of the country which is where their ports are located.  Realistically travel will be either several people going over in cars or flying.  Trains might be an option dependant on the location.  I would also guess at a Friday to Sunday trip somewhat similar to our own AGM.

Both Dave and I are keen to do the trip and although my wife speaks fluent German I do not think this is by any means essential as all German R/O’s will, of course, speak English.  Hotels and food will be very reasonably priced and probably more competitive than this country.

I will publish this in the December QSO to reach a wider audience.

Tony Selman

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  1. Tony,

    Just to confirm that I would like to do this trip. I think it would be a fantastic event, and almost certainly the first of its kind anywhere. I’m sure we could get enough members interested to make the trip worthwhile and practical.


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