The Long Silence Falls: Volumes One and Two: Update December 2019

The Long Silence Falls 2, front cover
The Long Silence Falls 2, front cover

Volume 1 is sold out and will NOT be reprinted

Due to changes at our digital printers the files for volume 1 have been lost and it is not economic for us to reprint in low volumes.

Volume 2 is available

The book is longer than the first volume at 376 pages and is only available in soft back.

Orders should be placed with the Membership Secretary & Treasurer John Chalmers:

(mail) Mr J. Chalmers, 43 Stafford Road, Greenock, Inverclyde PA16 0TG

(email) [email protected]

 Cheques should be  made payable to The Radio Officers’ Association.

Prices are as follows:-

Existing members (UK) £15.00 including p&p

Member in Europe and Overseas £20.00 including p&p

Non members (UK) £20.00 but this will be reduced to £15.00 if you join

Non members (overseas) £25.00 reduced to £20.00 if you join.



36 Replies to “The Long Silence Falls: Volumes One and Two: Update December 2019

  1. Thanks for your on-going support and enthusiasm Dave. I think we will have some left by then but stock will be getting very low. It is not our intention to reprint as sales are slowing down significantly. The book has been successful beyond our wildest dreams.

  2. Tony,

    I think I can sell a few more at my local club’s rally on Feb 2 2014. Hope there are a few left in stock at that time! Regardless, congratulations on the conception and execution of the whole book idea – the recognition and publicity the Association has obtained through this has been enormous, and the profits useful too.


  3. A really good value for money purchase! Many great witty stories, can’t praise the team enough for their leviathan efforts in putting it all together.. Mni Tks QRX Vol2? 🙂

  4. Tony you’ll be glad to know that the Irish have received their delivery! Guess they were shipped on the slow boat. But a wonderful read. It will certainly generate a huge interest across the navy circles. No, I won’t mention a follow up! I can just imagine the amount of work that went into this, wow.

  5. My two copies received December 19th. Looks a superb read. Away for the holiday but will settle down for THE READ on return. A colossal effort by all involved….Very many thanks. Charles Shelton

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