Bletchley Park and the Radio Security Services

We have received a request via the website concerning the work of Voluntary Interceptors during World War 2.  Do any of our members have any information concerning such work.  Were any members actually VI’s?  The request comes from a gentleman called Peter Windle who has provided his email address but I have removed it from the text below as I do not want to publish an email address on the internet as it can lead to all sorts of junk arriving in your inbox.  Will members who may have anything to add either post on the website or email me and most of you have access to my email address.

Tony Selman.  26 May 2014.

You will already be aware of the brilliant work performed by the code breakers at Bletchley Park but few outside the amateur fraternity are aware that the codes deciphered by the cryptographers were provided largely by radio amateurs who were Voluntary Interceptors (VIs) and members of the Radio Security Service (RSS) under the auspices originally of MI5 and latterly of MI6. After years of neglect Bletchley Park is undergoing a restoration and I think that, in the new Bletchley, the amateurs who provided the vital information for the code breakers should have the recognition they deserve. Perhaps a plaque or honours roll listing their names and call signs. At the end of the war the official records of the VIs and the RSS were destroyed but fortunately some personal records of those who served still exist and so far I have managed to collect the names and call signs of over 200 amateurs who belonged to one or other of these services. However, there were 1,500 or more involved and that is where I am seeking your help. I need the names and call signs of those who served as VIs or members of the RSS please. The VI story first appeared on BBC television in 1979 and the video appears on


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