Latest Website Statistics

We have just analysed the latest quarterly website stats. for the period ending on 30 June.  I am delighted to say that the website continues to remain popular and we have retained a good number of hits since the obvious Titanic driven peak in mid April.  At that time the site was being visited about 250 times a day but this peak fell away towards the end of April and since then we get somewhere between 50 and 100 visits per day.  What is most encouraging is that 65% of these have been new visitors and 35% have been returnees.

Over the period the top 3 sections visited have been:

  1. Galleries, Ships and Radio Rooms
  2. RMS Titanic
  3. In Memoriam

I must say I am surprised, but pleased, that the In Memoriam section is so popular.  I am also intrigued as to why within the Galleries section the Ships, Radio Rooms and Radio Officers would be quite a lot more popular than the More Radio Rooms section which has very similar content but languishes in position 7.  As you might imagine the majority of our visitors come from the UK, but as with last quarter the USA is a clear second with Ireland in third.  Most of you look at just about 4 pages per visit.

The website is proving to be the best investment the ROA has ever made and the decision to update the previous one has been well justified.  Long may it continue.

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