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We recently decided to attend the Newbury Rally on behalf of our Radio Amateurs in ROARS.   After some thought it was decided to actually create a banner that we could use within the ROA for events such as this for ROARS but also for any other event where an ROA presence might be required.  Several people were involved in the design and our original intention was to use some of the excellent photographs taken by our former membership secretary, the late John Russell.  Unfortunately because of the size of the banner, 2000m x 800mm we needed photos of a very high resolution and we hurriedly had to change plans with the clock ticking for the event.

A request for hi res photos of radio rooms and/ or Radio Officers produced nothing so we were left with the Chairman having to scan and clean up photos at hi res from his own slide collection.  This was not our original intention but there was no other solution at short notice.

The original user of the banner Dave Ellis was very concerned that my photo was going to cause some unrest with possible abuse from the ranks but the event appears to have passed without undue incident.  At least two members have sailed on Oronsay in addition to myself, and the Gambada radio room was manned at different times by myself and member John Williams and was installed by archivist Willie Williamson.  The braid is from Tom Frawley’s epaulettes.We have received some very complimentary remarks about the quality and appearance of the banner and I feel that we have done the Association proud with the end result.  I hope members agree.

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