POLDHU ~ Station ZZ

GB100ZZ Puldhu TV Interview

A TV Documentary can be viewed by clicking on the link above, this also includes
an interview with ROA member David Barlow.

GB100ZZ – Station details:-GB100ZZ

On air from 3rd August to 30th August 2014.

From the Marconi Centre,  Poldhu, South West Cornwall,  home of the Poldhu Amateur Radio Club ( GB2GM ) QTH –  Poldhu site where declaration of war was transmitted on night of 4/5th  August 1914.

Station organised by and licenced to G3PLE on behalf of the Radio Officers’ Association to honour the Wireless Operators who gave their lives in the Great War.  (on both sides of the conflict).

The event run by the Poldhu Amateur Radio Club from the site of the Marconi Centre with operators from the Club, the Radio Officers’ Association and licenced visitors. Using the three amateur radio rooms on the original site.

QSL – e-qsl ONLY or direct with sae or postage to G3PLE who is QTHR.
Locator IO70IA
WAB   SW61

Visit the website at www.500kcs.org


Station ZZ ~ was used to send details of the declaration of the First World War on August 4th 1914


There are three radio rooms at the centre – named Paget, Kemble and Franklin after Marconi’s assistants. The Paget and Kemble rooms are viewable by the public, whilst the Franklin room is utilised by the clubs members only.

The main HF radio room, Kemp is equipped with a beam rotator, an Icom 7400 transceiver, UK Ranger 801H linear amplifier, and a Wilson power supply. The Paget room is equipped with a Yaesu FT950 transceiver and a Palstar 40Amp power supply. Both rooms also have a desk-top PC for logging purposes which is ideal for heavy traffic conditions.

The Franklin room consists of a Kenwood TS2000 transceiver.

The Aerial farm consists of the following:-

  1. A pair of 60 foot tilt masts supporting a multi-band doublet remote tuned by an SG239 automatic antenna tuner. These also support two W3DZZ multi-band dipoles.
  2. Cushcraft A4S 4 element tri-bander and a rotator on a 60 foot tower.
  3. A 40 foot tower carrying a 5/8 + 5/8 vertical for 2M and a 5 element 6M beam.
David (Duke) Barlow at Poldhu Radio Club - Marconi Monument in the Background
David (Duke) Barlow at Poldhu Radio Club – Marconi Monument in the Background

Following are extracts from the report which David has submitted for the December 2014 edition of QSO.

On 3rd August 2014 the first day that the licence GB100ZZ was available – the station was et up and tested. David G3PLE making over 80 contacts using both SSB and CW.  On the 4th August television crew from BBC Spotlight arrived, followed by the local reporters and photographers, David gave a short explanation and background to the events of 100 years ago.

On the 6th/7th August the secretary of the ROARS Geoff Valentine G0UVX was on duty during the day light hours on CW.

During the month the station was delighted to welcome guest operators who visited whilst on holiday, these included Paul G1BZM, Neil G0HJC and Dom M1KTA.

When the doublet aerial became available on the WARC bands this proved invaluable with a pile up of Japanese stations wanting the call sign. 70 DXCC countries including Samoa, Taiwan,China,Hong Kong, Sumatra to name a but a few were in the log. In all a total over 3300 QSO’s were achieved in the August time frame.

Spark Transmitter
The Spark Transmitter as it was actually sending the message from the Admiralty warning all British and Allied vessels not to go to German ports.