ROARS Net Important Notice (23rd March 2018)

Commencing immediately the ROARS Thursday night net is re-instated on 3538 Khz (plus or minus for QRM) at 1930LT

ROARS Net fallback frequency

ROARS Weekly Net Fall-back Frequency
Due to the continuing unfavourable propagation conditions on 3538 Khz which has prevented the running of the weekly ROARS Net for the past 3 weeks we would like to propose the following fall-back procedure.
The weekly Thursday Net will commence with a CQ call by MX0ROA as usual on 3538 Khz at 1930 hours Local Time. If conditions are too bad to run the net on this frequency we will try again on 1827 Khz +/- depending on QRM.
Therefore if you cannot hear MX0ROA on the primary frequency of 3538Khz please retune to 1827 Khz.
This procedure will continue until such time as conditions improve on 80Metres.
Many Thanks!
Mike/ M6MPC
Peter M0URL

New ROARS Sked information (November 2017). Please read, this is in 2 parts

ROARS Sked on Tuesdays


We would like to propose the following new sked to encourage more members to go on the air for a leisurely CW chat as we used to do during a slack watch at sea. This will provide an on air meeting place and time to connect with colleagues/ friends which we don’t have at the moment.

Please note that this is not a Net and there will be no Net Controller. However for the first few weeks there will be a couple of us waiting in the wings to help things along. As a matter of courtesy, QSOs should proceed at the speed of the slower operator. Once a QSO is established please QSY Up or down to make room for others to make a call.


WHEN    Commencing Tuesday Sept. 6th and weekly thereafter from 1000 – 1100 Local time.

Call Freqs:             3538 KHz and 7017 KHz.

Call format:          CQ ROA DE MYCALL.

Exchange:             RST + Op Name + (optional) Membership Number. + QSY +/- KHz.

Call Speed:           What you are comfortable with. (Speed of slower Operator)

Topics:                    Your choice of Topic.

Duration:              As long as you like.

According to the latest membership list there are 245 members with Amateur Licences. Of these 222 have GB and EI call signs. While some of you may no longer be active we are sure there must be more than the 10 or so that join the weekly net. So Lads roll up your sleeves, dust down those keys and light up the airwaves with your CW QSOs!

We look forward to hearing you on the air.




New Sked on Fridays

As another option , another sked will be on trial as follows.

Every Friday afternoon on 3538 khz at 1500z winter

So cw skeds are as follows:-

Tuesdays weekly 1000-1100z general chat no set format

Thursday weekly 1930z winter on 3538/1827 khz main sked

Fridays weekly 1500-1530z general chat no set format, on trial at the moment

All times alter to summer time (bst) or winter time (gmt) as clocks alter.

After qso on 3538 ops requested to move up 2 khz to 3540 to give other callers a clear call frequency , after finishing chat, return to 3538 to listen and /or give end of work signal qru/va

This is to try and get more members on cw when they have time as have been advised that some members unable to make Thursday night sked due to other comitments.



Clive/ M6BQF QRP  2E0CPF


Net report for Thursday 18th October from Mike Carter

Good turnout on tonight’s Net as 11 came on, and all with good signal strengths.
On tonight’s Net were the following :-
G4KJD          Ian fm Ashill somerset
G3ZRJ          Tony fm Pennymoor/Tiverton
GW3VVL       Ken fm Crew Green Wales
M0BUI           Les fm Bude
G4LFU/P       Tony working portable fm Coniston
G3OGP         Robin fm Billingshurst
GM0GCO      Brian fm Glasgow (lost Brian when called, think freq.problems)
G3WYW        Paul fm Thatcham Berks
M0URL          Peter fm Yately Hants
2E0CPF         Clive fm Sale Cheshire
G0ELZ            Bill fm Liverpool
Sent Tintwistle WX max 17c – got a sunburnt face would you believe!
Sent QTC regarding Quest channel 37 Freeview – a lot about ships
Sent QTC fm Union Mag “Telegraph”
Sent TTT from GNF/Northforelandradio
Sent some mixed code
5 Questions :-
Q1 – You are QTO 5OW bnd ZSV where from, where to?                                   (Lagos to Walvis Bay)
Q2 – Going south from Rabat, which Tropic do you cross first?                             (Cancer)
Q3 – Can a general sized cargo ship sail between Sri Lanka and Indian Mainland?     (No, too shallow in Palk Straits)
Q4 – What is the entrance to the Persian Gulf called?                                           (Straits of Hormuz)
Q5 – The Shat al Arab River, flowing into north Persian Gulf , is the combination of what 2 rivers?
(Tigres and Euphrates which join above Babylon, Iraq)
Some very good and consistant answers tonight with 2 full houses of answers. The Straits of Palk caused
a bit of memory straining, especially when, like me, you sailed round Sri Lanka from Bombay to Madras without
going through the Straits as too shallow.
We had a new lad on tonight, Paul – who I hope will find it ok on the Net and join again.

Net Report for Thursday 11th October 2018 from Mike Carter

Conditions pretty good last night except for short qrb’s between stations due to skip.
On last night’s Net were the following :-
G4KJD           Ian fr Ashill Somerset
G0ELZ           Bill fm Liverpool
G4EOA         Tim fm Hastings
G3ZRJ           Tony fm Pennymoor/Tiverton
GM0GCO     Brian fm Glasgow
G4LFU          Tony fm Penrith
EI3ER            Tom fm Galway
 2E0CPF        Clive fm Sale Cheshire
(Could not hear him due short QRB but came on at the end of Net)
Sent Tintwistle WX
Sent general QTC re “Quest” programme on Ch37 Freeview for Ships etc.
QTC fm Union Mag “Telegraph”
TTT from GKZ/Humberradio
Some mixed code
5 Questions :-
Q1 – Your are QTO XYR bnd XSG where from, where to?
(Rangoon to Shanghai)
Q2 – What is the northern port of the Panama Canal?
( Cristobal)
Q3 – Name the main oil port on the Caspian Sea?
(Baku – Azerbaijan)
Q4 – What side of the Red Sea is the port of Jiddah going north?
(East Side and starboard fm ship)
Q5 – Yemen, before hostilities, produced coffee. What was it called?
named after the port of Mocha)
Some good answers last night but only Tom got Q5 right.  ( to be very honest, Mocha coffee was a lovely drink)Only a couple got Baku in Q3. This city made a big splash in on of the James Bond movies with Pierce Brosnan. Thought the lads might have remembered that!

Net Report for Thursday 4th October 2018 from Mike Carter

Good conditions for everyone tonight especially from Glasgow and West Coast of Ireland.

On tonight’s Net were the following :-
G4KJD           Ian fm Ashill Somerset
G3ZRJ           Tony fm Pennymoor/Tiverton
GW3VVL      Ken fm Crew Green Wales
GM0GCO     Brian fm Glasgow
G0ELZ           Bill fm Liverpool
G4LFU          Tony fm Penrith
M0URL         Peter fm Yateley Hants
EI3ER            Tom fm Galway
Sent Tintwistle WX
QTC fm union mag “Telegraph”
TTT fm GKZ/Humberradio
Some mixed code
5 Questions :-
Q1 – You are QTO TAH bnd JYO where from, where to?
Istanbul to Aqaba Jordan
Q2 – What famous holiday resort in Egypt, Sinai Peninsula, is passed
on the port side going to Elat?    (Sharm El Sheikh)
Q3 – Going south down the Red sea, what Sudanese port is on the
starboard side?  (Port Sudan)
Q4 – What Islands are due north of Dominican Republic .
(Turks and
Caicos Islands)
Q5 – Where on the ship did the Auto Alarm bell ring?
(Radio Room,
Bridge and R/O’s cabin)
Some very good answers tonight and I didn’t think the questions were
that difficult as a lot of the lads had been to places mentioned!!


Net Report for Thursday 27th September 2018 from Mile Carter

Very good turnout tonight with 11 lads coming on with very good conditions too. I was 599 + 20db with Peter Gavin with my LW antenna at 50 watts.


On tonight’s Net were the following :-
G4KJD         Ian fm Ashill Somerset
G3ZRJ         Tony fm Pennymoor/Tiverton
M0BUI        Les fm Bude
GM0GCO   Brian fm Glasgow
G0ELZ         Bill fm Liverpool
GW3VVL     Ken fm Crew Green Wales
G4EOA       Tim fm Hastings
M0URL       Peter fm Yateley Hants
G4LFU        Tony fm Penrith
G0CHU       Mike fm Morecambe
2E0CPF       Clive fm Sale Cheshire
Sent Tintwistle WX
Sent QTC fm Union Mag “Telegraph”
Sent TTT fm GNF/Northforelandradio
Sent some mixed code
5 Questions :-
Q1 – You are QTO VWM bnd 9MG where from where to?
(Madras to Penang)
Q2 – Name an iron ore port on the St lawrence River?   (Sept Iles)
Q3 – What is the biggest mineral export from western Australia?
(iron ore)
Q4 – Who owns Greenland?     (Denmark actually owns it)
Q5 – Where does the major gas pipe into Easington near Hull, from abroad come from?   (Norway)


Some good answers tonight and some missing due poor memories. Only Peter and Clive got Q5 right! The gas pipe from off Western Norway is the longest ever laid on the seabed, and provides our country with a heck of a lot gas needs.