UKEI CONTEST 2020/2021

ROARS UKEI contest team.

If you hate amateur radio contests ignore this appeal.

This is an invitation to join in a different series of contests and at the same time promote the ROA. Different – well forget the wham bam 599 Serial number at 35 wpm the aim is good accurate operating and exchanging your six digit locator. On 80m one hour a month at 2000z CW and SSB each. Runs from September to April (December excepted). Distance  per QSO is the score basis not points per QSO.

See UKEICC website for details.

I am looking for ROARS operators to enter the UKEI series as individuals and allow their result to be included in the group section as well.

It would be fantastic if ROARS could have a team representing both UK and EI in recognition of the RO’s who trained together at Wireless College .

Let me know if you would like to be part of the team.

David Barlow

[email protected]


ROARS Chairman Peter Gavin has advised that we have been contacted by member Bernard VK2IB from Australia as follows.

Quality Telegraphy Time – QTT

This is an Australian initiative to promote contacts and friendships between former professional CW Operators which was brought to our attention by Bernard VK2IB. Full details of this initiative and their QTT Hour can be found on the website links below.

About QTT Hour

QTT Frequencies



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  1. There is an excellent picture of Bruce GW4XXF on page 92 of August’s RadCom showing him at home in his fully equipped Marconi radio room and in uniform. (He’s too young to have wavy braid!)

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