Maritime Radio Day 2019

Maritime Radio Day (MRD) 2019

Registration is now open for both individuals and teams for this event. This is the 10thAnniversary of this event and the founders are to be congratulated for the continuing success and popularity of this event. As the process is automated it only takes a minute to sign up. Those who forward a completed log to the organisers will receive a Certificate of Participation. This is a really enjoyable non-contest event and I would encourage all active members to make a special effort this year to take part and say hello to fellow ex CW professionals who have worked at Sea or in Coast Stations. MRD 2019 takes place from 1200 UTC (GMT) on Sunday 14thApril to 2200 UTC (GMT) on 15thApril 2019. Please note the working arrangements for 14052 Khz.

Further details about MRD can be seen via the link: –

Registration for MRD 2019 can be accessed via the link below.