Newbury Rally 2018

The Radio Officers’ amateur section last attended the Newbury Rally in 2014, and it had been decided at the April 2018 AGM with our chairman, that we would attend and be represented by Peter Gavin and Geoff Valentine. Peter had been furbished with the ROA Banner, and several copies of both volumes of ‘The Long Silence Falls’ as well as joining forms and coloured ROA leaflets.

Sunday 24th June 2018 arrived, and as I had an 84 mile journey via the A1, M25 and M3 motorways, decided to leave at 05:30 in order to arrive in time, not knowing what the traffic volumes would be like on the M25. I had no need for concern, as traffic was very light and I made good time. So good in fact I would have been an hour earlier than planned for, so I decided to stop over on the services just before junction 13 on the M3. After purchasing coffee and a bacon sandwich from Gregg’s I got back into my car and for an early breakfast when I spotted a motgorcycle coming into the services, I had to look again as the rider was dressed in a Father Christmas outfit, parked up then went into the services.

Peter and I met up and quickly set up shop as can be seen in the photograph below.

Newbury Rally ROA Stall

Thankfully the weather was kind and there was no need to put up the gazeebo – cloudless sky and plenty of sun – a cooling breeze would have been benficial but you cannot have everything,
suntan cream would have been useful. There where plenty of people attending the rally, and we had quite a lot of interest, with people telling us tales of when they went to sea in the good old days. We did have one possible new member – but he did not return to complete a membership form .  Three ROA members attending the rally made themselves known to Peter and I. Although we did not manage to obtain any new members, Peter did manage to sell several volumns of ‘The Long Silence Falls’, so it was not a completely wasted day.

Both of us had a good look around the stalls, and managed to obtain a few radio associated items at a good price.

Peter Gavin
Geoff Valentine