RMS Leinster anniversary: Special Event


The following notice has been received from ROA member Robert Brandon EI5KH.

Special Event Station – EI100MCV

The Maritime Museum Radio Club in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin – EI0NMMI, has been issued the Special Event Call Sign EI100MCV for the year 2018, to commemorate the Centenary of the sinking of the RMS Leinster in the Irish Sea on 10 October 1918 just one month before the end of World War 1. The call sign includes the letters ‘MCV’ which was the original call sign of RMS Leinster. This was, and still is, the single largest loss of life in the Irish Sea with a total of 567 people lost. The ship was torpedoed by U Boat UB123 just 25 kilometres off the Irish coast. To add to the tragedy the U Boat involved was sunk two weeks later with the loss of all thirty-six crew. All were very young with the oldest being just 27 years old.

The intention is to use all bands all modes, operating on or close to frequencies ending with 18, e.g. on 160m freq of 1918Khz, on 80m freqs of 3518, 3618, 3718 Khz, etc. using applicable modes. We expect to have wide coverage as we hope to have a large number of operators.

QSL requests via Clublog or the Bureau.  Requests for a Direct QSL via Clublog or to EI6AL enclosing $2, or €2 via PayPal; the full log will be uploaded to LOTW at the end of the year. See QRZ.com for details