Ships, Radio Rooms and Radio Officers

Ships & radio rooms kindly provided for the photo-galleries

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  1. Regarding the Signing On Document pictured above concerning the mv Dunstan. I served on the Dunstan from 3rd September 1955 to 15th August 1956. I believe that the call sign may have been GYFK. My disappointment was that during the period that I served on the Dunstan it did not go up the Amazon, but it did a lot of pleasant coastal hopping along the Brazil coast and nice visits to New York.

  2. David, Thanks for that QSL about ”Signing On” dreams. Relieved to note that I’m not alone in this!. Probably a profound Jungian explanation. Mine go: eventually manage to suss the equipment and the Pilot’s departed etc, done the 1st visit to the saloon, cautious intro’s and back up on watch to realise with horror that no entries at all at all have been made in the Radiotelegraph Log…. Like for hours!.
    However, the buzz of being back in front of the Atalanta again is nice and then I awake to post 2000 AD ”normality”. Bugger!!.
    Still we got the ROA. so, 73’s OM. Bruce.

  3. Yes, I do have dreams of signing on again. That part goes ok. Then I find myself in the radio room, trying to remember how to run up all the gear, put together a QSO for QTC etc. This part always makes me anxious, because although I’m dreaming I know it’s been yonks since I was signed on articles and I’ve forgotten everything! They were happy days – we could do all that while still hung over from that run ashore last night …


  4. Guys, Fantastic photos, more please. Pure nostalgia for our ”Glory Days” [ despite our complaints at the time!] I suppose and how looking at these shots of familiar equipment how marvellous it would be to be sitting at those desks again….. Hey, does anyone else have recurring dreams of ”signing on” to a new ship again?. 73’s.

  5. Great work done on the website….attaboys to all involved…….motivated me to search out old pics and stuff…..stay tuned for what I find…………Dave Clemson, California

    • Hello David,

      I just saw your note on the ROA site. I was your #2 on the Tantalus round the world voyage which was my first deep sea and I think you got to know my sister Margaret who came down to New York to meet me.

      I like in a small seaside town in Victoria, Australia after 26 years in Canada and I see you are in California.

      Hopefully you will get this and maybe we could share some photographs.


      John (Jack) Walker [email protected]

    • Hi David,

      Last of previous attempts to catch up. I am at [email protected]

      It would be good to chat, tell a story or two and send a few photographs. FYI I am a retired academic living in country Victoria, OZ.

      John (Jack) Walker ex 2R/O on Tantalus

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